A highly technical and effective crew of engineers, pilots and mariners. We are industry leaders aiding engineers, architects, and builders in data collection.

About us & What we do

Facade inspections can be done efficiently on your time.

Our team utilizes UAS systems for inspection and thermal anomalies. Having highly trained pilots and innovative post-processing allows for systematic building envelope inspection via the cloud on the client's schedule.Inspection of an occupied structure is required at least once every five (5) years in the city of Boston and in the case of an unoccupied structure at least once a year. Inspection is required by a registered architect or engineer. MS Aerial works alongside several firms to collect effective data. This includes UAS systems, Gigapan photography, and internal photography using a professional camera and lighting rigs.

Orthomosaics, Topographical mapping and Time lapse

Multispectral aerial solutions is in touch with the latest UAV technologies. We use cutting edge equipment to create images, 3D modeling, and gathering pertinent aerial information..

Pre Existing condition documentation of exteriors, Interiors, construction sites and Environmental impact.

The term Condition documentation can include multiple meanings. Our term means both man-made and natural. Using different sensors and crafts allows us to provide pertinent information such as close-ups of building facades ten stories up. Or thermal imagery of a rooftop that may be unsafe to walk. UAV documentation means we can safely document constructions sites and environmental hazards such as brownfields without ever setting foot on the site.

We have a team of world class pilots and Photogrammetry experts.

State-of-the-art technology

With a fleet of skilled drone pilots and professional photographers we have a solid workflow and comprehensive deliverable.

Ability to fully share your projects with your clients

Having access to your project at all times on the cloud ensures quality control.

Seamless Topo mapping, elevation studies, 3D models, & presentations

We provide access to the raw data at no extra charge.

Increase work efficiency

Serving New England and beyond.

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Active Professional Affiliations

107 Certified(1 of 5 pilots certified)

OSHA certified

Thermography 1 Certified

WBE Certified(The Supplier Diversity Office of Massachusetts(SDO)

IIBEC (New England board member/golf committee)

The Professional Photographers of America